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Bike Handling
Roadside Repair & Basic Maintenance
Advanced Maintenance
Flat Tire Seminar
Core Training

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Athletes First Bike Clinics

Learn the skills necessary to take care of your bike! These practical clinics will put grease under your fingernails and build confidence in your abilities. Whether it be on the side of the road during a training ride, while racing or even at home, we'll show you what can go wrong and how to take care of it. Bikes and tools will be provided for these clinics.

Bike Handling - “Learn how to ride confidently and safely with others”

Roadside Repair & Basic Maintenance - “Learn what to do with only the tools in your saddle pack.”

Advanced Maintenance - “For those who already know the basics.”

Flat Tire Seminar - “Not sure what to do if you get a flat tire?”

Core Training - “Core?? If you don’t know what it is ­ this clinic is for you!”

Early Bird Coupons:
Sign-up at least seven days before the start of the clinic to receive a discount coupon from Enduro Sport. Clinics priced over $50 feature two $10 coupons. Clinics priced at $50 or less feature a $10 coupon. Coupons can be redeemed against any future Enduro Sport or Athletes First purchase (even another clinic!). Limit one coupon per transaction.

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